Well Workover

The long-term oil and gas well production requires workover. The workover envisages large-scale replacement of the equipment, elimination of serious faults, well hole deepening or expansion as well as secondary drilling. 

Companies, which are part of Kazpetrodrilling JSC, have all required equipment and facilities to perform any type of workover:

  1. Large fleet of lifting equipment – 51 lifting units, such as, Kremco-80, UPA-60, PAP-50, TXJ100, ZJ20.
  2. The workover may be performed at 5,000 m depth;
  3. The qualified personnel attends training to maintain qualifications and study new well workover technologies;
  4. Significant experience – history of one of the companies, Kaztechmunayservis LLP (link), goes back to 1953, when one of the divisions of Embaneft Industrial Association performed well workover at the facilities of the specified industrial association.

Types of well workover performed by Kazpetrodrilling JSC:

  • Repair and insulation;
  • Shutdown of separate watered formation intervals;
  • Shutdown of separate formations;
  • Elimination of filed integrity of top cement;
  • Elevation of top cement behind production and intermediary casing;
  • Elimination of failed integrity of production casing;
  • Elimination of failed integrity by plugging;
  • Elimination of failed integrity by plaster installation;
  • Elimination of failed integrity by running additional small-size casing;
  • Elimination of accidents in course of operation or repair;
  • Retrieval of equipment from the hole after operational accident;
  • Elimination of production casing accidents;
  • Bottomhole and well hole treatment from metal objects;
  • Elimination of other accidents in course of well operation;
  • Elimination of accidents in course of well workover;
  • Transition to other zones and commingling of pay zones;
  • Transition to other zones;
  • Formation commingling;
  • Installation and repair of dual completion, dual injection units and packer assemblies;
  • Underground drilling operation;
  • New hole drilling;
  • Top cement drilling;
  • Casing shoe cutting with well hole deepening in the rocks;
  • Surface hole and artesian well drilling;
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