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Corporate Management Structure

Key elements of effective corporate management model: 

  • Transparent shareholding structure;
  • Assurance of shareholder rights;
  • Effective and independent Board of Directors;
  • Clear corporate management policy and procedure;
  • Information transparency and disclosure principles;
  • Ethical values, corporate social responsibility;
  • Independent and effective external audit;
  • Independent and reasonable function of internal audit;
  • Effective risk management;
  • Reliable internal audit system.

K 1 – Audit Committee of the Board of Directors
K 2 – Strategic Planning Committee of the Board of Directors
K 3 – Human Resources, Remuneration, Social Issues, Internal Conflicts and Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors
KC – Corporate Secretary

The main foundation document of the Company is a foundation charter of KazPetroDrilling JSC, approved by the resolution of the General Meeting of Participants dated 20th November 2014.

Amendments and additions were introduced into the Foundation Charter of the Company on 13th April 2017.

The Corporate Code is one of the Company’s significant documents targeted to create favourable environment for the effective management of the Company’s operational and financial activity, improve liaison between its shareholders and officials and to attract investors.

Major Company corporate management principles include:

  1. Shareholder rights and interests protection principle;
  2. Partnership effective management principle for the Board of Directors and Management Board;
  3. Partnership information transparency and disclosure principles;
  4. Legality and ethics principles;
  5. Effective dividend policy principle;
  6. Effective staffing and social policy principle;
  7. Occupational health and environmental principle;
  8. Corporate conflict and conflict of interest policy;
  9. Responsibility principle.
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