Production and Exploration Well Construction


  • Vertical wells
  • Directional wells
  • Horizontal wells

It is obvious that the reserves recoverability gets more complex every year and drilling technologies are continuously improved. Kazpetrodrilling performs turnkey construction of production and exploration wells using state-of-the-art methods and technologies.

Kazpetrodrilling has a large fleet of the drilling rigs:  

  • 31 drilling rigs
  • lifting capacity from 80 to 600 tons
  • drilling depth from 200 to 7,000 metres

Production capacities enable to drill up to 400 wells per year.

The Holding companies drilling volume is 350-550 thousand meters per year.

The Holding companies have huge experience in drilling:

  • vertical wells;
  • directional wells;
  • horizontal wells.

Petroline system was implemented for efficient drilling control.

Examples of Our Successes:

In 2020, SBP KMG-Drilling LLP  drilled 9 horizontal wells for Embamunaygas JSC, the well schematic and drilling principles of which varied significantly and required a structured approach to project development related to distribution of the drilling rigs, BHA and completion equipment selection etc. Total duration was 11,717 m.

The drilling complications were represented mainly by the mining and geological conditions of the fields, due to small vertical well depth and a huge number of nearby holes of the adjacent wells, which in its turn required maximum control and experience of the field directional drilling engineers. The wells with small vertical depth at 220 m (TVD) and horizontal plots reaching 1,000 (thousand) metres were drilled, amongst the most challenging wells.

The most challenging wells were south-west well UZK N-1 and Gran 78.

The UZK N-1 well is a unique well suited for modern oil and gas production realities, as it represents cretaceous hydrocarbon reserves with high viscosity.  The successful well drilling performance guaranteed improved field development at similar depth due to large volume of undeveloped reserves.

The Gran 78 well was drilled with deviation of the horizontal plot exceeding vertical depth of the well 2 (two) times. Such wells are referred to as extended reach wells where the most state-of-the-art drilling, well hole treatment and completion methods are used.

Drilling of horizontal and multi-hole wells is one of the most effective field development methods.

The directional drilling workshop at  Zhigermunayservis LLP  employs qualified engineers and is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment that enables the company to provide full support for effective navigation during drilling:

  • directional well (DW), horizontal well (HW) and sidetrack hole (SH) profile design
  • calculation and analysis of mechanical and hydraulic properties of drilling string and directional, horizontal and sidetrack holes
  • telemetric support of drilling of directional and horizontal wells – MWD (Measurement While Drilling), LWD (Logging While Drilling) *. The telemetric parties are equipped with APS-Technology logging-whole-drilling equipment (gamma ray logging). SureShot modular architecture enables to adapt the telemetric equipment to the customer’s requirements.
  • Casing ‘window’ cutting
  • Manufacturing of whole range of casing window cutting equipment for drilling side holes

Full equipment maintenance

*The MWD systems are used for measurement of the inclination survey and process parameters during drilling and obtaining information through hydrochannel in order to adjust the well hole trajectory. In addition to measurement of the inclination survey and process parameters, the LWD systems are equipped with the instruments for measurement of the drilled rock properties. The information on the well hole trajectory and properties of the drilled rocks obtained in real time mode enables to direct the well hole more accurately in relation to the reservoir rocks and various saturation zones of interest.

Core sampling

The efficiency and reliability of exploration and exploration results are higher when the informational content of the obtained core samples is higher during core drilling. The core is a main source and carrier of the rock property data, as it enables to perform visual and direct study. Due to this active zone study the results with the high quality sampling and efficient core processing directly in the well may provide up to 70-80% of the total volume of required information content of oil and gas exploration, thus creating, the basis of basic geological subsoil data.

Drilling fluid support

The quality of oil well construction mainly depends on the drilling fluid properties.

The company offers a large range of products developed in the research centres. The company drilling fluids are developed based on the multi-year drilling experience in various regions of Kazakhstan. The wide range of the company products enables to find the optimum composition that ensures safety and high efficiency of operation.

The drilling fluid selection is performed individually depending on the following factors:

  • area of work
  • mining and geological conditions in the area of work
  • planned well schematic and trajectory

Specialists provide professional services for development of compositions and selection of required system properties as well as ensure accurate engineering and technical support for well construction.

Cementation (plugging) is a final stage of well construction and its quality is important for effective well operation, providing maximum longevity of the structure. In addition to this, the cementation reliably isolates oil, gas and water-bearing zones, preventing their commingling (repair and isolation).

The corresponding divisions of Kazpetrodrilling perform the following types of work in this field:

Cementation of all types of casings and well liners

Engineering and technological support for cementation of production casings and liners

Cement plug installation

Injection of isolating mixtures in the course of remedial cementing (RC) in the wells

Process injection of corrosive and non-corrosive process fluids

Our Advantages

  1. Engineering support by highly qualified personnel;
  2. State-of-the-art cementation fleet for on-call operations and autonomous cementation. Mobile cementation units of global manufacturers (Halliburton, National Oil Varco) are used for cementation.
  3. Selection of plugging material compositions in line with state-of-the-art developments and customer’s requirements. The application of highly effective plugging additives improves physical and mechanical properties of cement, thus, solving main cementation objectives— firm contact of the cement with casing and well walls, improved formation isolation quality, integrity of reservoir rock properties, prevention of annular inter-formation crossflows. We use chemical additives produced by the leading manufacturers (Halliburton; Mirrico LLP, ChimProm LLP);
  4. High quality laboratory studies. The laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment of Chandler, Fann, Ofite that ensure comprehensive testing for selection of the plugging material compositions in line with the API standards. Laboratory specialists closely cooperate with the laboratories of chemical additive manufacturers for joint selection of the plugging solution compositions that meet technical project requirements for each field.
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