Corporate documents

The Charter of the Company is the essential constitutive document, approved by the Resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders dated 20 November 2014.
On April 13, 2017 the amendments in relation to the procedure of the dividends distribution were made into the Charter. 
Corporate Governance Code is one of the most important document of the Company intended for creation of the positive environment for efficient management over operating and financial activity of the Company, enhancement of collaborative engagement between shareholders and executive bodies and focused on attraction of investors.
The fundamental principles of the corporate governance in the Company are the following:
1. Principle of shareholders rights and interests protection;
2. Principle of Company’s effective governance by the Board of Directors and the Management Board;
3. Principle of transparency and objectivity of information disclosure on Company’s operating;
4. Principle of legality and ethics;
5. Principle of effective dividend policy;
6. Principle of efficiency of personnel and social policy;
7. Principle of labor safety and environment protection priority ranking;
8. Policy of regulation of corporate conflicts and conflict of interests;
9. Principle of responsibility.
Corporate Governance Code of the Company is prepared and approved by the Resolution of the General Meeting of the Shareholders dated 02 May 2012.