On Shore Drilling Services

Our Сompany has a fleet of 42 drilling rigs with a range of working capacities from 80 up to 600 tones for a range of drilling depths from 200 up to 7 000 meters. From 2008-2012 our Company successfully completed the construction of 1602 wells with for a total of 1,652,704 drilled meters.
Types of drilling services rendered:
  • The construction of exploration and development oil and gas wells using mobile rigs;
  • Deviated and directional drilling including sidetracking existing wells;
  • Development and testing;
  • Directional drilling of horizontal wells;
  • Derrick construction;
  • Laboratory testing and analysis of cement and drilling fluids (LAB/USA - Chandler engineering);
  • Advanced completion technology and engineering for increasing oil production.
The advanced technologies used in drilling:
  • The use of bottom-hole mud motors (PDM) in KNBK, drilling with PDC bits, various systems of  polymer based drilling fluid solutions (SRF chemical services, Weatherford, Backer Hughes, Smith);
  • To improve the quality in cementing well casing, the following foreign based companies providing different technologies have been contracted: Schlumberger, Halliburton, Rompetrol;
  • To improve and increase oil production, the following technologies and equipment have been implemented: jet pumps, slotted casing liners, depression perforation;
  • The use of fiberglass pipe has been implemented in the development of injection wells;
  • Petroline software system is being used for the efficient control of drilling modules;
  • Some advanced technologies being utilized: water-swell polymer, porous cement, plastic-KC are being used for the purposes of increasing oil production plate, shutoff of water-bearing horizons  and reduction of water cut of wells.