Workover Services

Our Company provides comprehensive work over and well services in the oil and gas sector. We have a fleet of 51 hoist units including: Kremco-80, UPA-60, PAP-50 and we can work over or service wells up to a depth of 5000 meters.
From 2008 to 2012 the Company conducted work over operations on 2,877 wells.
The following are examples of services that can be provided: 
  • Remedial cementing squeeze jobs;
  • Isolate and shutoff water intervals;
  • Remedial cementation to casing;
  • Dual completions, injection, packers;
  • Complex drilling work;
  • Sidetracking existing wells;
  • Drilling out cement plugs;
  • Milling casing windows;
  • Repair poor cement work on surface casing;
  • Surface casing leaks repairs;
  • Fishing Services;
  • Well Control Services for blow outs during drilling and work over.