Social Responsibility

“KazPetroDrilling” JSC pays great attention to the development of human potential at the enterprises and in the cities where its employees work. The Holding not only supports the existing social infrastructure around the enterprises, but also realizes programs aimed at developing corporate solidarity of employees, increasing their level of social security, creating conditions for the inclusive development of employees.

The social program is aimed at ensuring the social security of employees, full payment to employees and their families of health resort voucher and health institutions, allowances, material assistance, medical insurance, sports and medical institutions. Sports competitions and activities for children of employees are held regularly. On the fields are widely celebrated professional holidays, the holiday Nauryz.

The goal of the Holding's management is to create an atmosphere of a large and friendly team, whose members are not only employees, but also members of their families, children.


We understand that long-term future success depends upon improving our reputation, enhancing employee morale, finding new revenue streams and cutting costs. So we pay particular attention to the demands and concerns of our various stakeholders, while respecting and working to improve the communities and environment in which we operate.


Our biggest subsidiary has been awarded a diploma for the participation in the Republic Contest on Corporate Social Responsibility named Paryz in the nomination “The Best Socially Responsible Enterprise”.